Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions

Leveraging our big data solution for immersive customer engagement

Overview of the industry

Small and big organizations are now experiencing an increasing amount of vast flow of information in and out of their organization.

Most of these information comes from various channels of communication like social media, management platforms, and website data and at the end of the day, a massive amount of it goes untapped because the traditional analytical tools can no longer handle the data volumes produced today.

DefragLabs is a leader in big data solutions.

Through our innovative expertise software’s and services, we empower our customers and clients to all around the world to harness and transform data into intelligent insights.

DefragLabs delivers the following solution to the Analytics industry

Smart dashboards
We leverage innovative big data platforms that provide a holistic view of the business, collecting and analyzing data from multiple, disparate business systems and presenting them in a visually smart dashboard.
Analytics consulting
We empower our clients through big data analytics and business consulting to achieve a new level of success. We apply a strategic and hands-on approach when engaging customers and implementing the results.
Big data pipeline
Data is collected from various systems and value chains like handling, storing, and managing and presented through centralized pipelines to give you complete control over your data.