Deepfence – Complex Security Dashboard


Complex Security Dashboard


California based application security company offering security as micro-service for infrastructure and application protection. We developed a Complex Security Dashboard.



Deepfence's investors wanted it to build and launch its product fast.
Due to the need to complex visualizations first, the UX of the application was fixed. Thorough research was conducted to choose the right libraries (e.g. open source vs paid) for visualizations and development.
The existing demo was built on an open source project that could support around 50 servers but they needed to have a product that could support 1000.
D3 JS libraries were used for creating the required visualizations. Dockers Forms were used for scaling the application to 1000 plus servers.
Their top priorities were the speed of development and high scalability.
Elastic Search was used for meeting the large volumes of in-search requirements.
Deepfence wanted a quick POC to be built and validated that could support one million in-searches per minute.
Live customer feedback was collected for ongoing product improvements.


The application was launched for the RSA conference in record time and gathered positive feedback especially for the UI. Acquired a large retail client.