Future Group – Customer Intelligence Through Big Data

Customer Intelligence Through Big Data


$3B Indian conglomerate with a significant presence in retail and fashion. Customer Intelligence through Big Data.



Future Group's main challenge was the ability to customer insight from a huge pool of customer data that the company possessed.
The DFL system worked on the proprietary Defrag CI (Customer Intelligence) platform.
The company's marketing campaigns were generic and were yielding insignificant results due to the lack of deep customer insights.
Storm-Kafka based data collection; aggregation and reporting using D3JS. Elastic IP and Docker Swarm based resource efficient crawling, scraping data from over 30 publicly available sources and social media.
Difficult to add new features to the system due to architecture and codebase.
A micro-service based architecture was recommended for ensuring system continuity.
The company did not know how to create a smart customer profiling platform based on the only information they possessed - their customers' phone numbers.
DFL started with a test sample of data of 1200 phone numbers and later profiled close to a million customers. Customer profile included information like demographics, interests, spending patters, psychographics etc.


By creating specific user personas Future Group was able to do hyper-personalized targeting. Marketing ROI was boosted by close to 300%. Significant increate in customer retention rate.