Healthyzer – Smart Data Aggregation


Smart Data Aggregation


A platform that helps patients by providing rich information about hospitals, doctors and insurers. Smart data aggregation.



Healthyzer had a very short timeline for launch.
The existing codebase was audited to check for reusability and recommendations were made.
A large volume of data had to be aggregated e.g. hospital info, doctor info.
Scripts were written to crawl the web to gather the required large volumes of data instead of doing it manually.
The challenge was to successfully gather large volumes of data in the quickest time possible.
An automated validator tool was built to eliminate duplicity of data. A working app was built within 30-days and presented to the investors.
The platforms server configurations were complex and the existing team found it difficult to set up.
The final product was built with an architecture that took into account unforeseen changes that could occur. A server monitoring tool was implemented to capture and notify downtimes.


Target list increased by 200%. Quality of data improved by 300% using the validator tool. With the successful MVP, Healthyzer successfully raised funds within a month.