iControl – Smart Codebase Integration


Smart Codebase Integration


Web-based project management tool for the construction industry offered as ‘Platform-as-a-Service’. Smart Codebase Integration.



The platform did not have a dashboard that would show various stats and info to their customers in a single view. This feature was being highly requested by its customers.
As Ringa.js was similar to React.js the platform was recommended to be redone with React.
The first platform was built with a language (Ringa.js) that was created by their CTO. After his exit, there wasn't anyone to edit that code.
Replacing Ringa with React was a time and budget consuming task hence DFL decided to integrate the two.
No new features were being able to be added to the platform due to the language lockdown.
Instead of injecting the Ringa codebase with React both the codebases were hosted on different servers and connected by a unified URL.


The dashboard was built like this at a very short time and was launched live. New functions and features can now be introduced to the platform seamlessly.