Trukkin-Complex Logistics Architecture


Revamping and redefining the land transportation industry


A techno-logistics firm focused at revamping and redefining the land transportation industry in the UAE and GCC.



The existing system was poorly architected and coded resulting in frequent problems.
DFL recommended implementing top 3 features first as an MVP.
The system would crash as soon as load went up affecting the system and business performance.
Performed extensive load testing to identify the bottlenecks in the existing codes early on.
Difficult to add new features to the system due to architecture and codebase.
A micro-service based architecture was recommended for ensuring system continuity.
Trukkin was behind schedule for launch due to systems issues.
Implemented real-time truck tracking and an algorithm to find best matching trucks nearby
The company had already invested a lot of money with no returns.
New features like real-time bidding on bookings by truckers scheduling and queueing systems were also introduced.


Trukkin’s customer experience greatly improved through the driver live-tracking feature and better communication mechanism and was able to scale up at a fast rate and acquire large enterprise clients. 2 million tons of goods were delivered until the first half of 2018.

Application Screens