Logistics Solution


We help you create value across the value chain


As the world continues to open up, and people and products get closer to each other, the logistics industry will continue to be a reflection of the global economy.

These days it is faced with several challenges such as an overwhelmingly complex supply chain, hard regulations, and higher cost combined with emerging smart business competition.

The best part is that DefragLabs is leveraging its rich industry technology solutions to implement new and flexible top-notch IT services for logistics companies.

We offer a cost effective, cutting edge IT solutions with best ERP deployment skills, pretested, and ready to go!

DefragLabs delivers the following solution to the Logistics industry

End to end platform delivery
Harness our centralized, end to end delivery platform that automates the delivery system. Gain superior visibility into events and processes, and improve business activeness through the use of our built-in smart algorithms and machine learning that solves all the rider management, route optimization, payments, and time management issues in the logistics value chain.
Logistics marketplace
Creating open marketplaces for logistics partners and vendors to view, bid, accept and manage assignments and projects.