Retail Solutions


We put the user at the center of every purchase


The retail industry is experiencing a dramatic change. Rapidly evolving with technologies that are transforming customer engagement and disrupting the legacy processes of emerging digital companies.

Clearly, the industry is flooded with new products, markets, and customer personalized engagement, and new opportunities are created through the burgeoning expansion of sales through emerging channels like mobile and e-commerce; retail is at its decisive moment.  

This makes it without objection necessary for retailers to leverage opportunities available to showcase agility in technology adoption and digital optimization.

DefragLabs offers a range of services across the retail value chain, achieving over the board success for end-to-end capabilities.

DefragLabs delivers the following solution to the Retail industry

Retail Analytics
The real-time business monitoring solution which helps when making actionable insights as well as integrate multiple sources of data into a custom analytics dashboard and a dynamic visualization that offers unique business insights and predictive intelligence.
Shopping Cart Optimization
Using smart algorithms to optimize the shopping cart for a more considerable value experience. Customers and businesses leverage the power to intelligently manage and recommend items in the shopping carts, thereby lowering the item cost for business by optimizing operational costs like sourcing for items from multiple warehouses, and delivering them to a central distribution point.
Dynamic Pricing
This tool empowers you with end to end visibility of various pricing factors to consider, like competitors pricing, item availability, product demand. Therefore managing your prices dynamically.
Customer Intelligence
Offer deep customer intelligence through deep learning and smart algorithms that help build complete, 360-degree buyer personas to boost marketing ROI and increased cross-selling opportunities.
Smart Recommendation Engine
Our recommendation engine is deeply tied to buyer personas and behavior. The solutions that utilizes machine learning algorithms to recommend the most relevant product for customers.